Well, I can tell you that her talent doesn’t come from her formal education. She dropped out of that as soon as she could, so she didn’t have many people telling her what she couldn’t do or say, and trying to squeeze her onto some shape she couldn’t fit in, which she wouldn’t have done anyway — but her going her own way saved everyone a lot of hassle. But she was a voracious reader, and a discerning one. And she was always happily juiced up. She would have been outrageous if she weren’t so good natured. That’s what gets her through the tough ones like this. She’s a lot like her mother, come to think of it. As one of my sons said, “I’m not sure I could even be a fraction of that upbeat, but that’s her and I’m me.”

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Saturday, May 9, 2015


Honestly? That's what I get for growing old, is one way to look at it. Although it seems as though there's plenty of new stuff going on around the world to kill people, a lot of the old stuff has been eradicated, and people are just living longer, and getting illnesses...like mine...that come along with it. Which is not to say that this evil scourge hasn't been around since Ancient Egypt,
 if you believe the papyrus, and it's been mankind's cheerful companion ever since. But let's face it, we've invented all kinds of stuff since then to cause it, and as a trade off, gotten rid of stuff like measles.

 Anyway, I'm a healthy girl. I pay a lot of attention to eating good food, I exercise, I read Oprah. My friends and I are that kind of woman. But it wasn't always that way.

  Several people have mentioned that there was an absence of posting for several days. It's not like I got cured or anything. What was going on was that I was trying to get my healthcare somehow moved from the private sector to the that of IMSS, which is the Mexican insurance system. That move was the ultimate objective. Between that and where we started, there were steps to be taken. Many, many steps. Many exhausting, we are going to kill you while you arrange for your healthcare, now that you're here you have to go there, now that you're there you have to go back,  steps. By the time Bruno dragged me home from these exertions every night, I was so tired I could barely even text my Mom, which I like to do in the evening.

   That, my friends, was a segue. One of the silver linings--there always are some, no matter how tarnished!--of getting this shit is that it reminded me that writing is good for me. I have stuff floating around that I might as well get under one internet roof while I'm recovering from last week's ordeal. More to come on that. I think. I was emailing with a friend who has been through a similar escapade, and the thing is, it seems like there's a lot going on when you're living through it, but when you reflect back all there is is ....waiting.

 Tomorrow is Mother's day, and since I still can't quite wrap my head around what we accomplished and how we accomplished it this week, I want to republish an article I wrote after we'd lived here for a very short time that is my Mother's favorite.

 The only relationship it has to my illness is that it may give you an insight into my former lifestyle. As I have written in this blog, the thinking now is that it's pretty much just bad luck and living long enough that is to blame for me being sick. But it's also possible that I laid some groundwork with an exuberant youth that my Uncle referred to as "always happily juiced up." That was the least of it.

    I smoked, I drank, I did a lot of other stuff. And when I first moved here, I was given an opportunity to remember one of the more vivid times of that era. Did it give me cancer? I don't know, it's been twenty years since I gave up drinking and drugs, fifteen since I quit smoking. But if you'd like to read the story, it is here.

  And we'll get back to the Mexican Insurance System later, dear reader.


  1. I'd like to read your story Elliot, but it says I don't have permission, ah well. It was so good to see you yesterday. I admire your willpower, not being permitted to speak isn't the worst thing to have happen but it is hard for those who live to talk. I'm rooting for you!

  2. This is the message I got, when I tried to follow the link. "Your current account (jpreichert@gmail.com) does not have access to view this page.
    Click here to logout and change accounts." I'm sorry I can't get to it, as I was looking forward to reading it.
    You are an amazing woman, Elliot and you make me very happy that I know you am have the privilege of sharing this journey with you. XOXOXO

  3. Oh, I'm a disaster! I think I've fixed it now...thank you for calling it to my attention,
    because I'm learning as I go along.
    One of the things I'm learning is don't try new things just before bedtime!
    If you try the link that says "it is here" I believe it will work

  4. What a wonderful addition to my life you are, Elliott. Hang in there.

  5. Your spirit, honesty and beauty enrich all our lives. Live long and prosper dear Elliot.